CERAMICS EXPO Keynote Session

CERA-K Latest Trends and Expectations for Highly-functional Ceramics by Industry's Key Persons
Dec. 5 (Wed) 10:30 - 12:00
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The Trend and Expectation of the Material for Automobiles

The present conditions of the use of the material for the car including ceramics, and the future trend and prospects will be introduced. In addition, current trend to the expectation for future materials will be discussed.
Toyota Motor Corp. Inorganic Material Engineering Div., General Manager, Motohide Mori Motohide Mori General Manager, Inorganic Material Engineering Div., Toyota Motor Corp.

Overview of the Advanced Ceramics Industry in the United States

The ceramics industry in the United States remains vibrant and growing. Recent history and changes in the industry will be highlighted. The 38 members of the U.S. ACA include ceramic material makers, finishers, and end users with interests ranging widely from ceramics for transparent armor to ceramic matrix composites for nuclear fuel encapsulation (accident tolerance) and turbine engine application.
U.S. Advanced Ceramics Association Chair, United Technologies Research Center Associate Director, Advanced Materials, John Holowczak John Holowczak Chair, U.S. Advanced Ceramics Association Associate Director, Advanced Materials, United Technologies Research Center
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Mr. Holowczak has over three decades of experience in the ceramics industry, working in a variety of areas including monolithic structural ceramics complex shape fabrication, application engineering of ceramics and CMCs to gas turbines, solid oxide fuel cell development, opaque and transparent armor, and development of CMC materials for turbine engine hot section and nuclear fuel containment. He received his Bachelors degree in Ceramic Engineering, and a Masters degree in Ceramic Science both from Rutgers University, USA. Highlights of his career include an RandD-100 award to the team he led from Kyocera, Pratt and Whitney, and Honeywell in demonstrating cooled silicon nitride turbine vanes, and working with Toshiba Ceramics to establish quality control procedures for use of ceramic ball bearing balls in the Space Shuttle Main Engine.

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