FINETECH JAPAN Technical Conference

FTJ-13 Chromaticity and Uniformity Inspection for Micro LED
Dec. 7 (Fri) 9:30 - 10:20
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To satisfy color gamut and contrast, microLED will become mainstream. But luminance and chromaticity uniformity are inevitable phenomenon. Our world first 2D spectroradiometer SR-5000 is the perfect tool for uniformity analysis for microLED even 2um level sub-pixel uniformity.Speaking detail with application on presentation.
Topcon Technohouse Corp. Sales Gr., Optical Measurement Dept., Manager, Kazuto Nishikawa Kazuto Nishikawa Manager, Sales Gr., Optical Measurement Dept., Topcon Technohouse Corp.
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Started to work in Topcon from 1981 in International Sales Dept.
Then in 1994 moved to work in Hong Kong as senior sales manager covering China and Hong Kong market to promote Topcon optical instrument.
After 7 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai, moved back to Topcon to promote semiconductor inspection instrument, aligner for FPD and optical measuring instrument as sales manager.

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