FINETECH JAPAN Keynote Session ②

FTJ-K2 Japan & South Korea's OLED Forefront -The Future with OLED Display
Dec. 6 (Thu) 13:30 - 15:00
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コースリーダー: Course Leader:  Tatsuo Uchida, Tohoku University Tatsuo Uchida, Tohoku University

OLED, The Future Display is Here!

LG Display is the world's only OLED TV panel maker to succeed the mass-production of large-size OLED panels despite various technical problems and difficulties. OLEDs have many advantages in picture quality and design flexibility and provide a whole new value and differentiated viewing experience. As the future display trend, OLED is truly changing our lifestyle and creating another future. LG Display is focusing more on large-size OLED panel business and aims to accelerate the expansion of the global large-size OLED market.
LG Display Co., Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer, Eddie Yeo Eddie Yeo Chief Marketing Officer, LG Display Co., Ltd.
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Eddie Yeo has been working for the display industry for about 40 years. He worked for LG Electronics for 20 years mainly developing TV/monitor sets. He has been working for LG Display since 2000. He was the CTO and the head of TV Business Unit, Mobile Business Unit and OLED Business Unit. He is the key person who led LG Display's OLED development and business to success. Now he is Chief Marketing Officer and in 2017 held the position of president of KIDS (Korean Information Display Society).

JOLED's Printing OLED Manufacturing Technology and Challenges for Future

The OLED came to attract attention as various information displays. JOLED started the production of middle-sized printed OLED display in 2017. We hope our RGB printing method brings an innovation for the display manufacturing and a creation of the new display era.
JOLED Inc. Representative Director & President, Tadashi Ishibashi Tadashi Ishibashi Representative Director & President, JOLED Inc.
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Mr. Ishibashi assumed the position of President of JOLED in June 2018. Before that, he was Division Manager of Manufacturing & Product Technology Development in Ishikawa Technology Development Center. Before joining JOLED in 2015, he was head of OLED Display Technology Development Section at Sony Corporation.

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