JOI-K Evolution of Adhesive Technologies -- Latest Development and Future Prospects for the Next-generation Society
Dec. 7 (Fri) 13:30 - 15:00
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Maxell's Unique Adhesion and Film Technologies Creating Next Generation Society

Maxell develops and proposes unique adhesive and film products as key materials support innovations in Automotive, Infrastructure, Housing and Electronics industries.
Its technologies on interfacial reforming for high functional materials are source of differentiation and unique strength, organically combined with next generation batteries and optical devices.
Maxell Holdings, Ltd. Chairman and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer, Yoshihiro Senzai Yoshihiro Senzai Chairman and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer, Maxell Holdings, Ltd.

Evolving Adhesive Technology and Future Prospects

Even in the ongoing 4th industrial revolution, adhesion is indispensable technology to any industry. However, the industries need more functions to adhesives rather than just bonding. This is to introduce Cemedine's focused functional adhesives such as next-generation structural and on-demand adhesives.
Cemedine Co., Ltd. President, Kan Okabe Kan Okabe President, Cemedine Co., Ltd.

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