FC EXPO Technical Conference Program

FC-7 Rise of the Utilisation of Low-carbon Hydrogen
Feb. 28 (Thu) 9:30 - 11:30
コースリーダー: Course Leader:  Eiji Ohira, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Eiji Ohira, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
サブコースリーダー: Sub Course Leader:  Masahisa Tsuji, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. Masahisa Tsuji, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp.

Renewable Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Transport in Asia

This presentation will focus on leveraging low cost renewable producers to export Green Hydrogen to high Hydrogen demand users as we all as transport applications that are growing in Asia Pacific and Australia. This will review the business case drivers, costs of production and some information on transportation applications. Some focus on the transport applications that are most cost effective business cases such as Buses, Trains and Remote power as well as new products related to these markets from Hydrogenics. Special review on China as a stand alone producer and consumer will also be reviewed.
Hydrogenics Corp. Asia Pacific & Oceania, Business Development Director, Alan Kneisz Alan Kneisz Business Development Director, Asia Pacific & Oceania, Hydrogenics Corp.
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Mr. Alan Kneisz is Business Development Director at Hydrogenics Corp., a global provider of advanced hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis solutions. Alan has extensive experience implementing green technologies into practical applications throughout Asia Pacific and Australia with Private and Government institutions and has become a thought leader in promoting the Hydrogen Economy across the region.

How Green Hydrogen is Enabling Large Scale Commercial Vehicle Deployments in Europe

Our presentation will focus on how the use of renewable hydrogen will accelerate the de-carbonization of transportation especially for heavy duty applications such as buses, trucks and rail. As the price of renewable electricity is falling, opportunities for large scale production of green hydrogen are becoming a reality in different regions. Using the example of large scale transit bus deployment in Europe, we will show how renewable hydrogen provide an alternative path to deep de-carbonization and offer bus operators an attractive economic value proposition. We will review how Ballard fuel cell technology innovation is enabling large scale commercial vehicle deployment using renewable hydrogen.
Ballard Power Systems Inc. Director Marketing, Nicolas Pocard Nicolas Pocard Director Marketing, Ballard Power Systems Inc.
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Nicolas Pocard joined the fuel cell industry in 2004 as sales director for Europe for IdaTech. In April 2014, he was appointed Director of Marketing and Business Operations at Ballard headquarters in Vancouver. Among his responsibilities, Nicolas looks after market strategy, marketing activities and government relations for Ballard.

New Energy Systems Utilizing Hydrogen Derived from Renewable Energy

Toshiba is promoting various solutions for utilizing CO2-free hydrogen from renewable energy. Some examples of solutions such as autonomous hydrogen energy supply systems, and a power to gas system in Fukushima towards the expanded introduction of renewable energy, and pure hydrogen fuel cells will be introduced.
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp. Technology Executive, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Ryo Nakajima Ryo Nakajima Technology Executive, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.


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