RR-S1 Latest Trend of Recycling of Solar Panels toward the Era of Mass Waste Disposal
Feb. 28 (Thu) 15:30 - 16:50

New Trend of Sorting Process

As could be said that "Waste when mixed but resource when sorted", sorting is an essential technology for creating "Sound material cycle society". In the lecture, latest trend of the technologies which progress innovatively and look for the "Environment friendly recycling process".
Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor, Shuji Owada Shuji Owada Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Technological Development and the Processing Status of Solar Panel Recycling

We participated in FY2005 Low Carbon 3R Technology / System Demonstration Project under the Glass Recycling Council and started to develop a recycling process in preparation for mass disposal. In this presentation we will explain the mass development type technology development and describe the concrete processing process and processing method of the current disposal panel.
Harita Metal Co., Ltd. President, Makoto Harita Makoto Harita President, Harita Metal Co., Ltd.


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