THERMAL POWER EXPO Technical Conference

TPEX-1 Next-generation Thermal Power Systems
Feb. 28 (Thu) 13:00 - 15:00

The Current Status of Next-Generation Thermal Power Generation Technology

The coal and gas fired power generation are defined as significant power sources, however it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions from thermal power generation. In this session, I will introduce the development trends and prospects of next-generation thermal power generation technology in Japan.
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization Environment Dept., Director General (Clean Coal), Nobuyuki Zaima Nobuyuki Zaima Director General (Clean Coal), Environment Dept., New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
Nagoya University graduation in 1981.Joined Isikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Co. Lts.(IHI) in 1981.Coal gasification project as General Manager
Joined NEDO in 2009.Incharge of Clean Coal Technology(CCT) development from 2011.

SOFC Combined Cycle System for Low-carbon Society

For Low-carbon Society, we have been developing a power generation system by combining Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and Micro Gas Turbine (MGT). Based on some demonstrations, 250kW-class SOFC-MGT Hybrid System has already been launched. And we have a plan to extend to the larger scale power plant.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. Senior Technical Executive, Yoshinori Kobayashi Yoshinori Kobayashi Senior Technical Executive, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

The Trend of Gas Turbine Development for Next Generation

Due to faster change of energy market, gas turbines are required more efficient , more power flexible, and more fuel felxible. With introducing the technology to respond on these, forecast the future trend of gas turbine development.
Siemens K.K. Sales & Customer Operations, Power & Gas Div., Department Manager, Yasuhiko Otsuki Yasuhiko Otsuki Department Manager, Sales & Customer Operations, Power & Gas Div., Siemens K.K.
講演者プロフィールSpeaker Profile
After getting master degree in aero&astronautics engineering, University of Tokyo, joined Toshiba Corp. as gas turbine engineer for arond 10years. Take project manager role in rolling stock indusrty and logictics industry. Joined Siemens in 2014 as field sales for large scale gas turbine.


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