World Smart Energy Week 2020
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RR-S2 Latest Trends in Recycling of Solar Panels and Lithium Batteries
Feb. 26 (Wed) 13:00 - 14:30

Imposed Responsibility for PV Module Manufactures All Through the PV Life Cycle -From Manufacturing to Recycling

PV makers are required not only developing PV cells and modules with high power generation and low-cost but also to lessen disposal and toxic materials. Innovative technology allows us to contribute for this goal to further improve module power, efficiency and reduce LCOE that contributes to promote PV installations and to reduce CO2 emission. Module recycling initiative is also indispensable. Trina Solar shares all the latest challenges with you.
Trina Solar (Japan) Ltd. Senior Director, Member of the Board, Shoji Fuchigami Shoji Fuchigami Senior Director, Member of the Board, Trina Solar (Japan) Ltd.
講演者プロフィール Speaker Profile
Dr. Zhiqiang Feng holds a Ph.D. and Master's degree in Material Science from Yokohama National University in Japan and did post-doctoral work at Iowa State University in USA. His research interests are high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and photovoltaic module and reliability of photovoltaic products.

* Please note that the speaker has changed as above. (As of Feb. 6th)

Improving RE Resource Efficiency: Advanced Resourcing Management Including PV Modules and Lithium Ion Batteries

This speech reports recycling technology and management of PV module and LiB dedicated for power system which are increasing depend on 2019 issues. GRCJ will reports establishing 3R:PVLiB working group which including PV manufacturer, LiB manufacturer, IPP, EPC, recycler, smelting company and ceramic manufacturer those are optimized recycling process. And reports about situation of recycling in Japan and overseas.
The Glass Recycling Committee of Japan Chairperson, Crystal Clay Corp. Chairperson of the board, So Kato So Kato Chairperson, The Glass Recycling Committee of Japan Chairperson of the board, Crystal Clay Corp.


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