World Smart Energy Week 2020
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TPEX-K1 Thermal Power Generation: Innovative Changes and Prospects
Feb. 26 (Wed) 10:30 - 12:00

Role of Thermal Power in the New Era and JERA's Efforts

JERA has 3 profit centers: optimization, business development, and O&M (operation and maintenance). Of these, the role of the O&M Headquarters is to ensure the efficient operation of thermal power plants and LNG bases, mainly in Japan, with a world-leading group of over 3,000 engineers. The outline of the business of JERA and the challenge of O&M headquarters are mainly introduced.
JERA Co., Inc. O&M Dept., Managing Executive Officer, Senior Operating Officer, Shintaro Uzawa Shintaro Uzawa Managing Executive Officer, Senior Operating Officer, O&M Dept., JERA Co., Inc.


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