World Smart Energy Week 2020
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TPEX-S2 Operation of Next-generation Thermal Power Utility Plants
Feb. 28 (Fri) 10:00 - 11:30

AI Solution and Cutting-edge AI Technologies for O&M

There are increasing attempts to utilize insights from past troubleshooting records by using AI, however, those data have to be 'good quality' to get sufficiently accurate result. We will introduce a solution as a voice-enabled interactive maintenance system to collect such good quality data from the fields. In addition, we will introduce IBM's cutting-edge machine learning technologies for anomaly detection.
IBM Japan, Ltd. SW technology alliance, Tokyo SW Development Lab., Senior Managing Consultant, Nobumitsu Matoba Nobumitsu Matoba Senior Managing Consultant, SW technology alliance, Tokyo SW Development Lab., IBM Japan, Ltd.
講演者プロフィール Speaker Profile
Since joining IBM Japan in 1986, I have been responsible not only for IBM product development, but also for supporting IBM platform porting of competing products. After that, I was responsible for the management of a major competitive product's service and support organization for IBM customers.
After working for the Lotus Product Development Division, I had the management of the service organization for Collaboration products and for Websphere related products.
Then based on my development experience and service & support experience, I have been collaborating with both IBM partners and LOB divisions of the large companies focusing around unreleased IBM products and the cutting-edge technologies invented by IBM Research for about 8 years.


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