World Smart Energy Week 2020
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WIND EXPO Special Session

WD-S Initiatives for Spreading Off-Shore Wind Power Generation
Feb. 26 (Wed) 13:00 - 14:30

Our Role in the Success of Offshore Wind in Japan

For our industry to move from shallow water to deep water in the coming decade, several critical factors must come together. Hear an inspiring and in-depth analysis of the sector`s development from an OEM perspective.
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, Masato Yamada Masato Yamada Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S

* Please note that the speaker has changed as above. (As of Jan. 30th)

Strategic Move for Exploring Offshore Wind Market

As for wind power projects in Japan, drastic shift is currently occurring from onshore to offshore as primary sources of renewable energy. Now that law on "utilization of public ocean" has been executed and offshore wind prompting areas were announced for the designation, Shimizu presents its strategy to explore offshore wind market in Japan.
Shimizu Corp. Engineering Headquarters, Executive Officer and Director, Takeshi Sekiguchi Takeshi Sekiguchi Executive Officer and Director, Engineering Headquarters, Shimizu Corp.


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